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Congratulations on your arrival into Wine Country. We are so excited to come down in a few weeks! Better be able to find some good places to eat and lots and lots of outstanding wine.

Love, Mom

Yikes…my kids are riding motorcycles without helmets…what are you thinking! Erin, you look a bit nervous on your cycle. I wouldn’t be nervous…I’d be terrified!

Looks like a great deal of fun and what a beautiful place to enjoy the open air. Maybe you can give us a ride this weekend on the big, bad cycle? Looking forward to seeing you on Friday a.m. for breakfast!

Love, Mom

Yikes is right!!! I can’t get my head around Erin even riding a motorcycle let alone without a helmet. Okay, I can remember a bike incident in Montana that was only foot powered. I can say I laughed out loud as I read your comments about learning to ride the bike. Funny but I hope you are finished pulling unexpected wheelies.

Have fun and enjoy. I love your stories.

Love, Mom

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