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Hi Erin and Todd. I am glad you enjoyed the Okavanga as much as we did a few years ago! Love the airplane ride over the delta…really feel like you are in “Out of Africa”. The Mokoro is an amazing way to see the delta when you feel like you are almost at water level!.
Have a great trip.
Much love,

Erin and Todd – We are thoroughly amazed at all you are doing. I especially got a chuckle on how Erin’s eating habits have changed since I well remember trying to get her to eat anything!! We are in Florida now babysitting Maddy since Lori is in Costa Rica with friends (horseback riding yesterday and rafting today). She is celebrating her 40th birthday and I really am feeling it more than her!! Your writing is superb and I really feel you should consider submitting some excerpts to a travel mag. Perhaps, Conde Nast would be interested. Love you and be safe. Aunt Cookie

im so jealous,go with me when i turn 18? YES

miss you both be safe!

the little one

Wow!! What an amazingly beautiful part of our world. Meagan thought it was pretty cool how close you were to all of the wild animals. Not exactly the KC zoo, huh?!!! We sure hope to get to see you when you make it home. Have a great time. We love you!!

Uncle Sean, Aunt Cyndy & Meagan

Awesome pictures you guys! I’m so jealous you two get to travel the world and see all these beautiful places. I miss you both and I hope you come home for the holidays, because its not the same! Take care of each other.

Your favorite cousin… 🙂

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